Where did food trucks start?

Food trucks are very popular in major cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. They provide convenience as well as affordability when it comes to amazing snacks and foods. The surge in the number of food trucks has been felt over the past decade, but where did food trucks start?

Los Angeles 2008

The food truck phenomenon peaked in 2008 in Los Angeles. It became trendy and swept the locals into the craze. However, one notable thing is that food trucks have been around for the past decade if not longer. They started off as wagons before graduating into motorized units over time. Even then, they were not as popular before 2008. After the ‘revolution’, these food trucks have spread all over the United States, spilling over into other countries as well.

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Important factors

While most may ask, “Where food did trucks start?” the factors that led to the popularity of food trucks are just as important. The first is the crash of the economy. Once the economy dipped, food trucks gained popularity and traction. People were not able to afford eating in restaurants as often as they were used to. These motorized units enabled such people to still enjoy great food without having to part with an arm and a leg. With the economy dipping, restaurant owners also realized that they no longer had the financial muscle to lay solid roots in proper restaurants in buildings and opted instead to invest in food trucks. Because they were cheaper and mobile, it meant that they could service more people. The second and probably one of the most important aspects of any growing business nowadays is social media. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook led to increasing popularity in food trucks with those who liked the food and raving about it, leading to more people trying it out and liking it.

What to know if you are thinking of owning a food truck

If you have contemplated the question, where did food trucks start? It's highly likely you are thinking about what you need to know before starting a food truck business. Trends, passion, and a business plan are the most important things to note.

Your passion will dictate what food you cook. You cannot be hands-off with a food truck business. You need to be around to manage everything. That is why it is important to know what you like cooking and what you are good at cooking. If you are going to spend all that time in a food truck, then you need to enjoy it. The only way to enjoy is to engage in the type of style and cuisine that you are into. Passion then merges with trends. Whatever you choose to cook should have a twist that aligns it with the trends. Sticking to trends will get you more business and thus more income. If you are seriously considering getting into the Food Truck Business then you need to talk with one our associates here at Nationwide Auto Group. We can help you figure out what kind of truck you need and build it from scratch. Please call us today!