Why Food Trucks are So Popular

You may be wondering why there is a sudden surge of food tracks in your community. Some people are saying that it is all about the food that is being served and others believe that it’s about the price. The modern industry of the food track seems to arise from nowhere. Upon further study and observation, the reasons why food trucks are so popular are cause by various factors. Here are some of them.

Ability to Connect With the Local Community

Most of the food truck started in 2008 when the economy was declining. This is also the time when the popularity of social media was increasing and taking off. Most of these food trucks connected with their local customers through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The cuisine may be different, but it is quite familiar with the local tastes. One reason why food trucks are so popular is the perfect combination of public interaction, promotion, and the local cuisine.

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The Economic Downturn

In order to have a steady supply on anything, there needs to be a strong demand. Because of the failing economy in 2008 many restaurant owners saw a decline in sales but noticed a increase in "street food".  Why was Street Food so popular during a depression? Street Food was affordable in comparison to Dine-In restaurants. Food Trucks were able to offer great quality food at reasonable costs because of the low overhead they had. 

It is More Accessible

During the old times, we have to attend town fairs, festivals and local events just to find a food truck. People will line-up in order to have a taste of their offerings. It serves as one of the main attractions in town fairs. Nowadays, food trucks are more accessible than ever. It can simply be found out of your workplace, in your school and others. Accessibility is definitely one of the reasons why food trucks are so popular.

Social Activity

When people gather in a line, they usually have the opportunity to interact with one  another. In a particular situation, it is a chance for them to talk about food. In today’s world with so many diversions, there is a limited opportunity to interact. Socializing while eating your favorite food is a perfect way to have your lunch and a reason why food trucks are so popular. Not to mention the free food that can be had by using sites such as Yelp!

Low Cost on Operation

The lower operation cost that comes with the food truck industry means that they have the ability to provide high-quality service and food at a much lower cost. It is a perfect choice for individuals who are looking a convenient access to food but without the excessive cost.